Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Our Summer + Embracing The Crazy

When I decided to kind of rebrand this blog a few months ago I knew that sitting down to write a post would take a major back seat.  By the time I take care of myself, my child, my business, and squeeze a little quality time in with my husband, there's really not much time left in the day.  I've accepted the fact that this is the season of my life that is just going to be crazy.  I'll have a million things going on, probably not showered, tumbleweeds of dust and dog hair on my floors, and mildew rings of all colors in the toilets.  And that's okay.  Because I also have to remind myself daily that there will come a day when T and I are empty nesters, my workload will have slowed down, I'll have all the time in the world to clean, and I will miss these crazy days with every bone in my body.  So, for now I'm embracing the chaos.

I did manage to squeeze a few hours in today to write a little post about our summer.  I can't believe that the summer is already over, but boy it was a good one.  Thompson grew up so much this summer, he turned one around Memorial Day, and it seems like each week after that he became less of a baby and more of a toddler.  He's walking, talking, and cuter than ever.  He now crinkles up his nose when he smiles, and it turns me to mush each time he does it.

He loves his mom, but man does he love his dad. The minute T walks in the door after work his face lights up and he screams "Dada" and comes running to the door.  As Thompson gets older it becomes more and more evident that his personality is jut like his dad's, and I love it.  I call him my little extrovert, definitely didn't get that from mama.  He loves to meet new people, and gets so excited when strangers talk to him.  Going to any store is an event because he's always calling out and straining his neck just to make eye contact with other ladies in the shop.  What a ham.

Here's a little highlight reel of pictures from our summer.

"helping" me get orders out

family trip to the park

T has mastered holding the baby and drinking a beer

4th of July in an outfit my mom made him

4th of July out on Lake Murray with family

our almost daily trip to the mailbox with packages

Family trip to Myrtle Beach

Family trip to Myrtle Beach

LOVED the beach and especially the sand

also loves his Anywhere Chair

at a local brewery with friends

Brought him cowboy boots from Nashville.  Couldn't help myself. 

Lake week with the family

Lake week with the family

First time on a horse...not so sure about it

My best bud

see that nose crinkle?

4th Annual Tailgate Practice Party

Favorite dinner- Mac and Cheese 

Big boy on his first day of school

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