Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Weekly Meal Planning + Walmart Grocery Pickup

Yesterday I posted on my Instastories a peek at how I get my groceries every week through Walmart Grocery Pickup.  I spent $92 for the week, which gives us enough food for breakfast and lunch Monday-Friday and dinner Monday-Thursday of this week.  This covers meals for T and I, as well as Thompson.  It also covers one dinner I'm bringing over to friends who just had a baby.

Here is what I purchased this week:

1Green Giant Broccoli & Cheese Veggie Tots, 16 oz$3.48
1Great Value Cinnamon Grahams Crackers 3 Packs, 14.4 Oz$1.94
1Great Value Fruit Pear Halves Bartlett No Sugar Added, 15 oz$1.08
1Bananas, 1 lb (approximately 2 bananas)$0.48
3Tyson Boneless Skinless Fresh Chicken Breasts, 1.5-2.0 lbs.$20.58
1Organic Romaine Hearts$3.77
2Treasure Cave Crumbled Feta Cheese, 4 oz$3.44
1Margherita Hard Salami Slices, 16 oz$5.98
2English Cucumber, each$3.96
1Strawberries, 1 lb$1.98
1Marketside Organic Grape Tomatoes, 10 oz$2.98
2Small/Medium Lemon, each$1.00
1Orange Bell Pepper, each$1.77
1Red Onions, 1 lb (approximately 1 - 2 onions)$1.48
185% Lean/15% Fat, Organic Grass Fed Ground Beef, 1 lb$5.98
1Great Value Sweet & Salty Peanuts Granola Bar, 6 pk$1.98
2Small Avocado, each$1.96
1Fage Total 2% All Natural Greek Strained Yogurt, 17.6 oz$3.37
1Great Value No Salt Added Petite Diced Tomatoes, 14.5 oz$0.72
1Zucchini, 1 lb$1.28
1Great Value Soy Sauce Less Sodium, 15 oz$1.88
1Kraft Original Microwavable Snack Packets Easy Mac Macaroni & Cheese, 6ct$2.98
1Viva Choose-A-Size One-Ply Paper Towels, 8 count$8.98
1Green Bell Pepper, each$0.68
1Mainstays 13" Glass and Bottle Brush$2.97
1Reynolds Heat & Eat Containers 32 oz, 12$2.98
1Great Value Sharp Finely Shredded Cheddar Cheese, 8 oz$2.22

I think the only three things I already had on hand and didn't need to purchase were a loaf of bread, milk, and tortillas for Thompson's quesadillas. Thompson's pancakes were already made and in the freezer.  I usually don't include paper products and cleaning supplies into my weekly budget, but I came in under budget this week so I went ahead and threw them in.

Greek Chicken Kabobs

I had a couple of requests to share our meal plan for this week, so here it is!


Avocado Toast or Breakfast Bars


I'll be making some kind of Mediterranean/ Italian salad each day inspired by these two recipes (here and here).  I bought cucumber and zucchini to spiralize, romaine, pre sliced salami, feta, and cherry tomatoes.  We already had some kalamata olives and pepperoncini peppers in the fridge.   I bought this spiralizer this weekend, and I've been obsessed with using it.  Pretty sure we've had something spiralized with every meal since I bought it, haha!


Monday- Greek Chicken Kabobs (whoa, throwback to a 2012 blog post while we were still living in our first apartment!), a Greek Salad w/ this dressing (made enough for two meals for us plus a meal to take to a friend who just had a baby)
Tuesday- Leftovers
Wednesday- Korean Beef and Rice and a salad with Asian dressing
Thursday- Leftovers
Friday- Out to eat, it's the weekend!!

Thompson's Snacks and Meals:

Healthy Banana Pancakes (I make these in mass quantity and keep them in the freezer)
Spiralized Sweet potato sautéed with coconut oil and cinnamon (already had the sweet potato)
Peanut butter toast
Cheese quesadillas
Canned pears
Broccoli and Cheese Veggie Tots
Graham Crackers
Mac and Cheese with zucchini added

I've been really happy with Walmart's Grocery Pickup service so far.  Every Sunday, I place my order with them and schedule a pickup for 11-12 on Monday morning.  Since we're so strict about our budget these days, it really helps me keep my costs down and not make any impulse purchases.  The only downsides I can see are that you do have to plan ahead to place your order and schedule your pickup time the next day, and our Greenville location does not let you order alcohol.  I think other locations might, but ours does not.  So if we need beer or wine for the week, I do have to make a second trip.  
If you're interested in trying it out, you can use this code to get $10 off your next order.  Full disclosure: if you use it I get $10 credit, too. 

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