Thursday, March 16, 2017

Thompson is Nine Months

Thompson is now nine months, and SO much fun.  He now has two teeth, is crawling everywhere, and has just started pulling up on things.  He's a rather big boy, 19.47 lbs (47th %)  and 29.5" (90th %). He's been saying Mama since month eight, and just started to say Dada, too.  Sometimes it comes out as Dada, sometimes Ada. We can't keep him still for more than a few seconds, the progression of the pictures below is the perfect example.  Thankfully my ninja mom skills saved him from toppling off the chair during our nine month photo shoot.

Still in size 3 diapers during the day and size 4's at night.  Wearing a few 9 month clothes, mostly 12 month, and even some 12-18 month things.

Per the Moms On Call schedule, he takes two naps a day.  One from 8:30-10:30 ish and one from 1:00-2:30.  He's taking a bottle when he wakes at 7 am, and a bottle when he goes to bed at 7 pm.   He takes 2-4 oz sippy cups during the day at snack times and meal times.  Still loving the Avent Trainer Cup for all of his snack time milk.  The boy loves a good fruit/veggie puree pouch at meal time, but we've had a lot of fun introducing some more solid foods.   Current favorites are yogurt melts, Cherrios, blueberries, and scrambled egg.  I also gave him some peanut butter toast this week, and he demolished it.  (And hallelujah for no allergies to eggs and peanut butter!)

At first Thompson was super picky about what foods he liked.  If we gave him a food he didn't like, (avocados, pureed green beans, squash, etc)  he'd make a terrible face and then eventually gag until he threw it up.  So, trying new foods was a messy experience for a little while.  Thankfully now when he tries things he doesn't like he'll try one bite, swallow it and then just put his hand up to push away the spoon.  Much easier than projectile vomit.  And I'm finding as he gets older and older he's liking more and more foods.

Another thing that's made meal time much easier is pouch toppers.  I read about these from a commenter on my sister's blog, and went out and bought them the next week.  The toppers go on top of the pouch spout (duh) and prevent kids from being able to squeeze the contents of the pouch all over them.  They can suck the pouch out through the topper, but if they squeeze it, nothing happens.  Genius.  Now I can hand a pouch to Thompson, and he can suck it down all by himself.  Game Changer.   If you don't have these, buy them.  You'll thank me later.

He got the clean bill of health when we went for his 9 month check up, but has been battling cold after cold after cold this winter.  Thankfully he seems to handle them well, and it's never turned into anything but a cold.   I am knocking on wood as I write this, but he's made it past nine months without ever having a fever or having to be on antibiotics.

This month we lowered the mattress on his crib.  He's pulled up a few times in the crib, and the mattress was just a few inches too high for my comfort level.  He also got his second, yes second, haircut.   I think he now has the most high maintenance hair in our household.

Our pediatrician recommended to move him to a larger carseat since he's verging on 20 lbs.   I feel like we just bought his first carseat.  I cannot believe its already time to put him in a new one.  After asking friends and reading review after review after review, we decided to go with the Graco 4Ever All-In-One.  Apparently it will last them 10 years,  converts all the way down to a booster seat, and will fit a child up to 100 lbs.  Not sure if I'll be up for using it in 10 years.  A decade's worth of grime, puffs, and french fries sounds pretty disgusting.  But at least we know it will be good for that long!

Bathtime has become the highlight of Thompson's day, and we've made it a family affair.  T gets home from work,  we each pour ourselves an end of the day drink, and take Thompson up to the bath.   T and I sip on our drinks, talk a little bit about our day, and watch Thompson splash and scream for 30 minutes.  It's a great way for all of us to make it through his witching hour.  After a bonk on the head and lots of crying, we decided to order a bath spout cover for the bathtub.   The Skip Hop Moby cover had great reviews, and we've been really happy with it.

While each month with Thompson has been so great in it's own unique way, I definitely think that month nine has been the most FUN.  More smiles, more giggles, more interaction, and more on the move than ever before.  More bumps and bruises, too, but I guess that's just par for the course!

Nine Month Favorites

See previous month updates for Thompson below. 

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