Monday, May 9, 2016

My First Mother's Day

Typically T and I travel to see our moms for Mother's Day, but this year we decided to stay in Greenville since we're getting close to my due date. (We're less than 3 weeks away!)  I wasn't quite sure how the day would go. I feel like a mom already, but since I don't have a baby to hold in my arms yet, I wasn't sure how others would view it.

I let T know several weeks back that I was really hoping we could celebrate it for me in some way, especially because we'll have a baby once Father's Day rolls around.  Figured it would be smart to go ahead and lay my expectations out there for him rather than just expecting him to know exactly what I wanted and needed on that day.   He was a smart man, and brought flowers and a card home for me over the weekend.  Glad he can take a hint :)

I was blown away at the amount of Happy Mother's Day wishes I got from friends, family, and so many strangers yesterday.  The day started with a surprise of donuts and a balloon from my girlfriends, thanking me for making them Aunts.  I mean c'mon, I totally have the best friends.

Later that day we headed out to lunch at Tazikis.  They have good food, but I really mainly go there for their crushed ice.  They have the best, and chomping on ice has been a weird pregnancy thing for me.  I think since my heartburn is so bad, it's one of the only thing that soothes my stinging throat.   They've got an outdoor seating area, so we were able to bring George with us too.  

After lunch we headed downtown to walk around Falls Park a bit.  George loved wading in the water, and it felt great to be outside walking around.  

After about an hour of walking around in the park, all three of us were overheated so we headed back to the car to go home.  We kept it simple last night for dinner, T grilled wings and I made a simple slaw recipe that we both love.  We finished the night off with House Of Cards and a bowl of ice cream, and I was one happy girl.  What an amazing way to spend my very first Mother's Day!


  1. Smart lady :) My first was due about two weeks before mother's day, so I thought it was a done deal. He didn't, waited a couple more days...

  2. Sounds like the perfect way to celebrate your first Mother's Day! Soon that little one will be in your arms. :)


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