Thursday, July 16, 2015

The Great Flushmount Lighting Debate

I've never really thought twice about flushmount lighting, usually it just  kind of blends in with the room.  When we moved into our house I started to notice the flushmount lighting as I started looking at every tiny detail in each space.  I quickly realized that everything existing  

I hopped on to the Home Depot and Lowes websites thinking I could easily find a few options that would update the space without breaking the bank.  Wrong.   Everything I found looked super cheap or resembled a boob, or both.  You know what I'm talking about.  No bueno.
I had the best luck at Wayfair.  I was wanting something that looked more like a lantern for the two lights in our foyer area, and fell in love with these.  They're $110 each, and with an additional sale they were having that day I wound up getting them for $93 a piece.
Wayfair- $110
I found one light that I liked at Home Depot (still haven't seen it in real life yet) that was very reasonably priced at $38 each.  I love the octagonal shape, so I hope they look as good in person as they do online! These will go in the hallway and our laundry room, pending that they look decent when I receive them.
Home Depot- $38

Here are a couple others that I loved.  I'm keeping these in my back pocket just in case the others I ordered are disastrous.
Wayfair- $125

Wayfair- $155

I'm hoping that my next post will be loaded with picture updates.  Real pictures, not the stock ones I've been pulling from websites for the last two posts. Yesterday they started doing some drywall work and installed a few of our appliances.  Fingers crossed I'll be coming home to a painted kitchen with a refrigerator today. 

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