Friday, February 14, 2014

Snow Day Fun

If you haven't heard {which I know you already have}, the Carolinas experienced quite a bit of winter weather this week.  Over Wednesday and Thursday, Greenville got between six and eight inches of snow.  While I still did have to work from home, we were able to sneak out of the house on Wednesday evening to do a little bit of sledding before it got too dark.  Luckily we live just a few miles away from Greenville Country Club, so we all piled into the one 4-Wheel Drive Truck we had and made our way to GCC.  You should have seen the nine of us. Four in the cab of the truck, five in the bed, like a bunch of red neck snow bunnies.

When I was younger my neighborhood had two Country Clubs, and I was exposed to how great the hills of a golf course can be on a snow day.  It's like they're made for sledding. Greenville Country Club's driving range was no exception, although we did have to dodge the many white golf balls that were so easily camouflaged under the snow.

After about an hour of sledding, we were all completely exhausted and freezing cold. We made our way back to our neighborhood and spent the rest of the night together eating dinner, playing games, drinking, and watching the Olympics.  And then we did it all over again the next day, too.  Oh how I love living around our friends, it made getting snowed in so much fun! 


  1. It didn't even cross our minds to go over to GCC ... We just played at Rockwood Park and in our yard!

  2. Y'all look like you had so much fun! I'm so over winter, but this almost makes me wish for some snow :)


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