Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Oktoberfest at NOMA Square + Addy's Dutch Cafe and Restaurant

Last night T and I went to NOMA Square's Oktoberfest celebration.  The festival started yesterday, and will go through Sunday, October 6th.  Admission is free, and they have different events every night.  Last night, in accordance with German Oktoberfest tradition our mayor, Knox White, tapped the first keg.

T and I had a great time listening to the Oompah Band perform and sipping on our Spatens. The prices are very reasonable for food and beer, but they only take cash.  T and I were one measly dollar short for two brats, so we opted to just drink there and eat elsewhere.

To keep the German theme going for the night, we opted for Addy's Dutch Cafe just a few blocks away, and each had a glass of Weihenstephaner Dunkel.  Try saying that three times fast.

The menu at Addy's is quite interesting.  They have a mixture of traditional Dutch foods and offer some Indonesian dishes as well.  Our waiter explained that his had to do with the Dutch colonization of Indonesia dating back to the 1800's.  T and I have never had Indonesian food before, so we had to try something.  At our waiters suggestion, T had the Chicken Gulai which was chicken seasoned with Indonesian spices and curry, served over stir fried rice.  I went for the Hungarian Goulash, one of my cold weather favorites. I tried Goulash for the first time in Austria, and every time I've had it in the States it just doesn't compare.  But Addy's Goulash was very good.  The beef was tender and seasoned very well.  It was served with buttery mashed potatoes and red cabbage.  

T and I will go back to Addy's again soon.  We'll probably both get Indonesian fare when we return.  I'm still thinking about the wonderful flavors of T's entree. Plus, the prices are awesome.  Their Indonesian dishes range from $7.95-$9.50 for dinner portions. 

If you'll be in Greenville this week you've got to make it to Oktoberfest.  It's being held at NOMA Square, the area outside of the Hyatt and Roost on Main Street.  They'll be out there all week!  You can't miss it, just look for the men and women in their lederhosen and the Bavarian flags everywhere. You can find more information about Oktoberfest here.

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  1. Oktoberfest are always so much fun! Pretzels and mustard and beer - yes please!

  2. That looks like so much fun! And now I want a beer! :)


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