Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Wedding Recap: What I Wore

I've had difficulty deciding what I'd share with you first about our wedding, but I guess it makes the most sense to start at the very beginning with what I wore.  My search for a wedding dress was not an easy task.  I was one of those girls who knew exactly what I wanted, which actually  made it even more difficult on me.  About 100 dresses later I finally found it- well the main part of it.  

I had my heart set on a lace dress with cap sleeves and a keyhole back, but could not find one that was flattering on me.  So, we found a strapless dress that I loved, ordered extra lace, and had a jacket made to give it the effect of what I wanted.  

Dress: Allure

I really wanted a special hanger for wedding dress pictures, but really didn't want to spend a ridiculous amount of money for a customized hanger I'd only use once.  I got this one from Etsy for $5.00, and I'll be able to pass it down or lend it to friends in the future.

 As for my shoes, I wore ones that I already had. I thought about splurging for some really expensive or crazy colored shoes, but I'm so glad I wore ones that I had already.  They were broken in and saved me a lot of money.  While they were originally quite expensive, I found them 85% off at the end of the summer the week we got engaged.

For my getaway dress, I chose this white scalloped peplum dress from Urban Outfitters.  It was very bridal looking, but casual enough to wear on the honeymoon, too.


  1. Oops. I meant to post my comment on this post - not the one below it! Sorry about that.


  2. GORG!!! Your dress were perfect! And I love that you had a getaway dress....I dont have one yet...but maybe I should find one!! :)
    AND that hanger!!! I need one of those too....crap I'm so unprepared!! (18 days to go!!) eek!!


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