Wednesday, February 29, 2012

And I'm Still Feeling Crafty

In my last post I left you with this photo and asked you to think about what you thought it was. 

Would you have any idea that a few hours later THAT became this

We've really been needing something to hang above our table, but with 17' ceilings hanging a chandelier or light fixture is not an easy (or cheap) task.  After perusing through blogs the other day, I found instructions to make these yarn chandeliers.  So here's how I did it.  

What you need:
1 spool of cheap white yarn
All-purpose glue (I used Elmer's)
Clear spray paint

Blow up your desired amount of balloons in various sizes.  An odd number will look best while hanging, I ended up using five of these.

Coat each balloon liberally with Vaseline.  This will prevent the yarn from sticking to the balloons.  Mix about 1/2 cup cornstarch, 1/2 cup glue, and 1/4 cup water in a disposable bowl.  Dip your yarn into the glue mixture and then genlty run it through your fingers to get the excess glue out.  Start by wrapping the yarn around each balloon vertically then gradually start wrapping it around in all different directions.  When you've run out of yarn, tuck the end under one of the wrapped pieces of yarn.  Hang each balloon up using excess yarn.  I used two chairs with a shower rod placed between them, and hung the balloons from the rod.

Let them try for a full 24 hours and then pop each balloon.  Spray the balloons with the clear spray paint for extra protection.  When they were completely dry, I hung them from the ceiling with fishing line to give them a floating look.  Here's the final product!

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  1. Love these! Could also see them sporting some gold spray paint come holiday time. Also loved seeing your pretty dining room.


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