Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Soby's New South Cuisine

The other night Mr. T and I went to Soby's.  We haven't been there in two years, and decided it was high time we went back.  Not quite sure why it took us two years to return, their service is great and food is phenomenal.  Soby's opened in 1997, and was a major part of the City of Greenville's downtown revitalization.  It is considered the flagship restaurant of its corporate company Table 301, and quite arguably the flagship restaurant of all downtown Greenville. 
When I think of a restaurant that opened 14 years ago, I automatically assume its menu is out of date, interior past its prime, and the drink list has really boring cocktail and beer selections. Soby's has combated these stereotypes with its trendy environment, timeless fare, and iPad drink lists.  How cool is that!  All of their beers, wines, cocktails, and spirits are listed on these neat iPads that your server brings to your table. 

Not only does it look cool, it actually makes the drink selection process pretty easy too.  

As for our dinner, the food was great (no surprise here) and we will definitely be back much sooner than two years from now.  I would highly recommend starting with the fried green tomatoes.  YUM!

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  1. LOVE Sobys! Their biscuits and shrimp & grits are my favorite. We are going back in October for a wedding and I can't wait to see the iPad drink menu - love it!


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