Sunday, July 24, 2011

"Baby, I Hope You Brought Your Big Purse"

This week, Mr. T and I tried out Ford's Oyster House and Cajun Kitchen for the first time.  Recently opened, Ford's Oyster House is owned and operated by the creators of The Green Room; another one of my favorite restaurants in downtown Greenville.  Ford's opened at the end of May and specializes in Cajun fare and other dishes inspired by The Big Easy.
Ford's is located in Greenville's West End District, and their back porch area is adorned with family-style picnic tables that overlook Main Street and Falls Park.  Mr. T and I decided to sit in the bar area because the weather was looking a little questionable.  After we had only been there a few minutes, Mr. T turned to me and said "Baby, I hope you brought your big purse".  Initially I was confused, but when I turned my eyes to what he was gazing upon I saw this...
Yes, that's right.  A container of Tony Chachere's BIGGER than my pint glass.  Mr. T loves to use this spice when we're grilling out so he already liked this place from the get-go. I didn't come away with it in my purse, but we did use a generous amount on our french fries. We started out with the shrimp and jalapeno beignets, quite a savory twist on the sweet little doughnuts I'm used to.  They were pretty good, but tasted more like hushpuppies with a spicy kick.  As for our entrees, Mr. T ordered one of his faves, oysters on the half-shell, and I ordered the soft shell crab po boy.  I've had po boy's before but NEVER one this big. 
Larger than my head, this tasty sandwich had an entire soft shell crab battered and deep fried, and was topped with pickles, lettuce, tomatoes, remoulade, and slaw.  And if that wasn't enough food, they even had the audacity to serve it with a heaping amount of french fries.
Mr. T's Oysters
Ford's food is quite a bang for the buck, and next time Mr. T and I will be sharing an entree.  If you're interested in trying it out for yourself, Ford's is located at 631 South Main Street and open seven days a week 11am-2am.


  1. We have MORE THAN ONE Tony Chacherese that big! :-) My husband is OBSESSED!

  2. Omg that is huge! I could go for some yummy french fries right about now :)


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