Thursday, June 9, 2011

Yeah, I'm an Artist

So this is what I've been up to this week. If you recall from a previous post, I recently painted a canvas in a colorful geometric print.  It was super easy, and once I hung it on my wall I knew it was just begging for a mate.  The canvases that I used were 2'x4', so having two side by side on the wall will light up any room.  I had a little spare time this week, so I decided to start on the second one.  Here's what I've done so far.
I've still got a good bit of painting to do, and I'll have to give everything I have done a second coat, but I'm well on my way.  I wanted to show y'all what the same print looked like with more vibrant colors.  I used a deep purple, chartreuse, metallic bronzy-gold, and a watermelon color.
I've had so much fun with this project.  It feels great to have something hanging on my wall that I've done, not to mention how cool I feel when people compliment it and I can tell them I painted it.  I've never been an artist, so any time I can claim something with out being embarrassed of it, its a serous accomplishment.  Hope you like it!

1 comment:

  1. Perfect colors together ... I can't wait to see them hanging side by side!


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