Thursday, April 28, 2011

DIY: How To Create A Gorgeous & Easy Piece of Art

When moving into my new apartment, I was at World Market and found this print that I absolutely LOVED.  
Jodi Fuchs "Collective" MSRP: $129

I loved the vibrant colors and geometric pattern.  But as I kept looking at it, I began to realize that I could definitely do this myself.  I do not consider myself an artist, but who can’t draw a straight lines and circles on a canvas and then paint in between?   This is so simple, and here’s how I did it.
What you need:
·      Canvas (the one I used was 2’x4’)
·      Nice quality acrylic paints and a brush
·      Compass
·      Painter’s Tape 

I started by painting the canvas a bone color, Liquitex’s Unbleached Titanium to be exact.  After the canvas was fully dried, I used painter’s tape to mark lines every two inches vertically and horizontally, forming a 2” by 2” grid.  Using my compass, I drew circles that were 4” in diameter all the way across the top then in each row below that. The pictures below will better explain.

  Then comes the fun part.  Just paint inside the elliptical shapes that were created by the interlocking circles.  I used gold, silver, coral, periwinkle, and a chocolate brown.  I think I'll eventually paint a second panel with different colors. Stay tuned for an update on that one.

 Total Cost: About $50


  1. Laura,

    I'm an official follower now, and am SO proud of you and this craft! I love it! Way to go!


  2. Thanks MM! So glad you are a follower now!

  3. Holy moly ... this is beautiful! Awesome job RRR!


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